stop playing basketball

Modern society has watched as children spent more and more time playing video games, and less and less time playing sports. When I was growing up in St. Catharines we were outside most of every nice day. In the summer it was mainly baseball in an unused farmer’s field or kick-the-can on the small side street. In the winter it was street hockey. Indoors activities were kept for just the bad weather days.

Here it is 2012 and often you can walk through a neighbourhood that you know has children, but you might not see them very much.

Along comes this story ( see one version of the story on the My Kawartha news website ) which pits a writer needing quiet against a young basketball player needing fresh air and exercise.

Admittedly, young people playing basketball on the family driveway creates a bunch of noise, but as long as it is not really early or really late in the day, it is awesome to see them outside playing.

No further comments from Grandpa Richard, but make sure you read the item in the link above or below.

basketball hoopPeterborough teen at centre of basketball dispute says he just loves the game
(PETERBOROUGH) Cameron Elliott just wants to play basketball. The 17-year old Adam Scott student has a genuine love for the game, which spans from participating on school and rep teams, to spending the summer teaching younger kids how to shoot …

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  1. Helluvamess says:

    Welcome back grandpa!!!!!!
    Why cant both neighbours work it out and come up with something they both can agree on…..its called respect.
    If I was the judge and this case came before me, I would charge all of them with wasting the courts time and give them each 10,000 hours of community service….the snotty kid to volunteer in a nursing home cleaning dirty bed pans and the crabby old lady to volunteer in a after school program for troubled youth.
    …..and, I would hit them both in the head with my mallet……case dismissed!!!!! LOL.