strangers with ourselves

According to an article in the Globe and Mail this morning, pollsters are having trouble here in Canada. Part of the problem is that more and more people are refusing to take part in their polls. A more insidious problem is that there seems to be increasing fragmentation in Canadian society. We are losing social cohesion.

Take this quote from the article for example.

“Society is always better when someone is trying to undermine your views. And particularly, social cohesion is better, because being challenged forces you to think through why you believe what you believe. It’s the stimulus for debate and discussion and a recognition of multiple others.”

Read that 2nd sentence again. We NEED to be challenged. As newspaper and news magazine reading especially, and TV news watching to a lessor extent, decreases, we are not being challenged by those counter-opinions.

Instead, we spend more time on the internet, searching for items that support our ideas about life. We spend more time on social sites, conversing with people who think the same way that we do. We spend more time texting a sub-group of that group from social sites.

I leave you with more more quote from, and a strong suggestion that you read through, the aforementioned article.

“According to social scientists who study the issue, Canada is developing a social-cohesion deficit. Too little holds us together, and the potential threat to the democratic conduct of our affairs is cause for concern.”

(Note to c.n. – is this a bit better? I’ll work at it.)