Street Racing Claims Another

Police suspect that street racing led to another death this Thanksgiving Weekend.

A 25-year-old man lost control of his Honda at 5:39 a.m. as he was bombing south along Kennedy Rd. just before Finch Ave. E. He barreled through the intersection, striking a hydrant and then a light pole. The back end of the car was torn. (from The Toronto Star)

As a male who was a tiny bit reckless when younger, I have a bit of an understanding why speed is exhilarating. However, going at those types of speeds on city streets is foolishness. Deaths will, and do, occur when people exceed the speed limit in this way.

A member of parliament is suggesting that manufacturers should limit the maximum speed of a standard car to 150 k/h. Good idea on the surface, but 150 is still a killer when on city streets.

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