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Technology – Some Wins, Some Losses

A couple from Nevada, travelling through the high desert of Eastern Oregon, got stuck in snow for almost three days when their GPS unit sent them down a remote forest road. It sounds like the problem was that the GPS gave them a “shortest route” option that did not take into account winter conditions. Two […]

Young and Innocent

An 11 month old child playing with a phone led police to a grow-op. Police suspect that the toddler happened to press ‘911’ while playing with the phone. Since operators could not deduce whether there was an emergency, police automatically arrived at the house and entered, looking for a possible victim. Once inside they detected […]

Cellphone firms ordered to fix 911 system

Quoting the Globe and Mail (which is one of the major reasons this thing moved forward) “Canada’s telecom regulator will force the cellphone industry to upgrade the country’s 911 system, which has fallen behind other parts of the world and may be contributing to deaths involving wireless calls for help. Government officials said they would […]

How Many Deaths Will It Take?

Another death attributed to a out-of-date 911 system here in Canada. Here is the text of a letter that I just sent to the Prime Minister. Dear Prime Minister: cc: Mr. Ken Dryden How much do the cell phone companies receive in fees attributed to 911 service? I myself pay 75 cents per month. How […]

Does Your 911 Work?

Very interesting series of articles in the Globe and Mail newspaper about the 911 system in Canada. I no longer feel as safe as I did. Examples In over 90% of the United States, the 911 centres can use cell tower triangulation techniques (that you see in TV shows and movies regularly) to locate a […]