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The Gap From the Top to the Bottom is Getting too Big

Interesting article from a man who is in the top 0.01%, mainly due to being there at the start of Amazon. As he himself states … Then I got as lucky as a person could possibly get in the Internet age by having a buddy in Seattle named Bezos. I look at the average Joe […]

The Most Expensive Book on Amazon

Would you believe $23M ??? For a number of days, 2 book sellers were trying to sell a book about Flies (Peter Lawrence’s The Making of a Fly) for over $1M per book. It seemed ridiculous as it was not a book in high demand, and slightly used versions were selling for $35. This blogger […]


Should be able to patent its “one-click” Internet shopping system? What they are asking for is a patent for a “business method”. Initially, the Commissioner of Patents upheld a previous decision to deny the patent, which the retailer had been granted in the U.S. Now, a judge has disagreed, and the Patent Office has […]

What Is On Your Most Wished For List At Amazon?

I was poking around at today and came across the “Most Wished For List“. There are 33 categories, from automotive to electronics to watches and more. One of the categories is Industrial. Come again! People have a most wished for list in the Industrial Category? Okay. So what is on the list? When I […]

Electronic Book Reader

On my way to the Henry’s Fall Photography Show, I sat behind a lady who had a new toy! It was a small book, but not the kind you are thinking of. This was an electronic gadget for reading books. It was “way cool” to borrow a phrase from another generation. One of the best […]