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Assisted suicide on a bike

As a cyclist, I am expected to share the road with cars, rather than sharing the sidewalk with pedestrians. Early last month a Toronto area pedestrian died after a cyclist collided with her, on a sidewalk. See my post about that incident. Yesterday, a cyclist died after being struck, and run over, by a car. […]

My First Bike

I do not actually remember dad bringing my first real 2 wheeler home, but I definitely remember learning to ride it. I had some bricks piled up at 2 ends of a smooth field. My bike was a bit big for me, and I needed the bricks to help me climb up on the seat! […]

Back to the Bike

Grandpa Richard loves walking. Unfortunately, I injured my left heel, and too much walking aggravates it. Cycling does not seem to bother the heel. I used to race, and so I should get back on my bike. I still own my original racing bike. I got an estimate of $250 to service it, as it […]