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Bankers (again!)

Interesting commentary in The Toronto Star today by Angelo Persichilli. I especially liked this quote. It also is a fact that bankers want more from us to make more profits and justify their fat bonuses. Angelo received a letter from his bank stating that “we have been experiencing higher borrowing costs since the start of […]

Bosses still make too much!

As previously mentioned at, I feel that some bosses make too much. A common argument is that they are a large part of why a company does well, and so should be rewarded. Now that so many financial companies are doing so poorly, often because of bad decisions over subprime mortgages, the ugly truth […]

How Much Does the Boss Make?

LOTS, according to a recent survey. To be specific, Canada’s top CEOs make about 200 times the average worker’s earnings. Ten years ago it was only 100 times. They usually get these ridiculous salaries because of bonuses for making the company profitable. This should only be true for long time CEOs. For example, although I […]