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do you trust big companies?

BPA. If you have been a regular here at GRS, then you know that BPA is one of those chemicals that mankind created for convenience, that is now considered dangerous to our health. Grandpa Richard considers that a very common theme, especially in our modern high tech world. Create something that saves us time or […]

More on bpa

In other postings (see them here and here and here and here), I have discussed the issue of BPAs in our food packaging products. Now a study, which appears in the current issue of the journal Science of the Total Environment, is one of the first to try to survey the extent of the trace […]

BPA Found in Pop From Cans

BPA, a chemical that mimics estrogen, has been found in the pop from pop cans. These cans have a plastic like inner coating so that the pop does not touch the metal of the can. To quote the Globe and Mail, “… both Health Canada and the soft-drink industry played down the study’s findings, saying […]