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The Canadian Senate

We have read about it. We have heard about it. Do we really need Grandpa Richard to tell us more? My initial thought when this issue started to get big is that we should get rid of the Senate. However, when I looked into the issue deeper, I realized that it had its role and […]


Entitlement : belief that one is deserving of, or entitled to, certain privileges. As a grandpa I have seen 6 decades of life, and for over 4 of those decades I have read, listened to, and watched the news. Unfortunately, a recurring theme that I have seen is one that I attribute to entitlement. Many […]

To Veil or not to veil

The Canadian government’s rules on obtaining citizenship have been changed, effective immediately. A new citizen must show their face to the citizenship judge when they take their oath to ensure they “are actually reciting the oath,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced earlier this week. Is the Niqab an actual necessity under the beliefs of the […]

No Auditor Allowed

Yes, there is logic to their refusal, but I think it is a HUGE mistake for Canadian MPs to not allow our auditor general in to see the books. I have written both the Prime Minister, and the leaders of the other parties. I suggest all Canadians do the same. (see article at Globe and […]

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Does Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty know that saying? Possibly. Jim delivered a budget last Thursday that said the federal government will have to rein in spending. He then had a private government jet fly him to London Ontario so he could participate in a photo op on Friday morning. Why not a photo op […]

Masquerading Food

Venison or Beef? Sturgeon caviar or Mississippi paddlefish eggs? Cheese made from goat’s milk or cow’s milk? Those are the types of questions asked by two grade 12 students from a school in Manhattan. They got their answers from a unique Canadian DNA technology that can quickly identify numerous mislabelled food products. Once you answer […]