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Car Hits Dog; Who Pays?

A dog is let out to roam freely. It runs out in front of a car, is hit and killed. Who pays for the damage to the car? State Farm Insurance thinks that the dog’s owner should pay. I feel very badly for the dog’s owner, but I agree with the Insurance company. What do […]

Best Parking Job Ever

Did you hear about the lady who accidentally hit the gas pedal as she was parking and drove over another car? Then she left without reporting it. She has had her day in court, and was found guilty. Read more details here.

Drive Like Tiger

Are we talking golf clubs or cars? In this case, the answer is “cars”. Happened to see an interesting Google Ad today while reading an article about Tiger Woods. Drive Like Tiger Woods Re-Enact Tiger Crashing Into The Fire Hydrant! Can You Park The Car? No further comment.

life without a car

Grandpa Richard does not own a car. Reason? Both financial and personal choice. I came to a realization one day that my car usually sat unused 5 days out of 7. Now comes news that a builder here in Toronto wants to put up a 42 storey condo building, without any parking spots. The builder […]

Start, Stop, Go, go, go

A co-worker was bemoaning the need to get their brakes serviced, and that reminded me of the brake situation on my last car. I owned a Honda Civic and took it in for all the normal service. At one point (I think the 60,000 km checkup) the technician said he was very surprised at the […]

Smoking in Cars

It is illegal in Ontario to smoke in a car when children are also in a car. In a recent case, a 20-year-old man was ticketed for smoking in a car in which a 15-year-old girl was one of his passengers. While the people in the car waited for the ticket, the 15 year old […]

Cars are NOT Toys

Two items in the news this morning remind us about the fact that cars are not toys. Also, Newton’s Laws of Physics are important. Especially the one about momentum. In the first case, a lady learning to drive (without a learner’s permit) ran over her instructor (her sister-in-law) killing her. In the second case, a […]