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Cell Phone Cameras and Social Media

I am wondering how long before people wake up to the new realities. Now that millions of Canadians are walking around with cell phones that can take photos and even video, being bad in public is becoming dangerous. Take the recent riots in Vancouver after the final game of the Stanley Cup. People were actually […]

Cellphone firms ordered to fix 911 system

Quoting the Globe and Mail (which is one of the major reasons this thing moved forward) “Canada’s telecom regulator will force the cellphone industry to upgrade the country’s 911 system, which has fallen behind other parts of the world and may be contributing to deaths involving wireless calls for help. Government officials said they would […]

Text Messaging in an Addicted World

Big public stink over the plan by Bell and Telus to charge for INCOMING text messages. Whether you read them or not. Globe and Mail had it as a front page story. Some comments from one columnist went like this. “But we are talking about one of the fastest growing addictions that our society has […]