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Absurd Compensation Levels of CEOs

One of my favorite topics of conversation is in the news again. As you know, all of the target stores in Canada will be closing soon. Their attempt to invade Canada has failed miserably. It is estimated that the 17,000 employees will receive a combined total of about $70 million as they lose their 17,000 […]

CEO Compensation To Start 2011

randpa Richard has written about this before. Should a CEO of a company have a salary that is over 100 times as much as the average worker in their company? (my answer is NO!) The Toronto Star has come back to this question again, looking at the top 50 CEOs in Canada. They contacted the […]

Executive Pay; AGAIN

The Ontario Government is asking all public servants in the province (I think I read that there are 700,000+ including government, health care, education, etc) to take a 2 year pay freeze. I personally see nothing wrong with that. Our employer is not doing well, financially. A private sector employer would use the same reasoning. […]

How The Big Boys Screwed Us All

I love this commentary by Lorrie Goldstein of the Toronto Sun. Especially the last couple of lines. Indeed, when the s— hit the fan, these guys acted like Soviet apparatchiks, screwing the public for their blunders. Worse, they got away with it. or, how about this one? Wall Street traders … success was individual achievement, […]

Do Hyundai CEOs Get The Big Bucks?

How much were the leaders of GM and Chrysler taking home during the last few years as their sales dropped? What answer do we get if we ask the same question of the Hyundai Car company? Hyundai sales in Canada rose about 7% this year, stealing a lot from GM. For the first time, yearly […]

CEO Bonus Schemes Are Flawed …

… and cannot be fixed. So says Henry Mintzberg, as quoted in a Globe and Mail item entitled “Bonus culture called destructive, beyond repair“. Here is the actual quote from Henry’s Wall Street Journal article. Executive bonuses—especially in the form of stock and option grants—represent the most prominent form of legal corruption that has been […]

Bosses still make too much!

As previously mentioned at, I feel that some bosses make too much. A common argument is that they are a large part of why a company does well, and so should be rewarded. Now that so many financial companies are doing so poorly, often because of bad decisions over subprime mortgages, the ugly truth […]