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Children Need To Wear Sunglasses!

UV indexes will be higher than average this summer. That means you need to use sunscreen properly, and wear your sunglasses. Also, make sure your children wear sunglasses. During my last checkup, my optometrist blasted me a bit when he found out that I seldom wear sunglasses. I was told it is one of the […]

memorizing the times table

Here is a topic regarding teaching that Grandpa Richard can relate to, and one that he has a definite opinion about. I understand that most “teaching” that occurs today in public schools is considered “child-centred”. This Globe and Mail article talks about a small school that uses more traditional “direct education”. The public system considers […]

8 Kids. WOW!

A mother in California, who already has 6 children, has given birth to octuplets. 8 More kids! Total of 14. What is a bit crazy is that a woman who already had 6 children was taking fertility treatments! Go figure.

A Mom Loses Custody

What is best for the children? An often heard statement, but were judges really living by it? Seems at least one does. A judge in Toronto has awarded custody of 3 children to their father after a 10+ year battle. According to the facts of the case, the woman spent more than a decade trying […]