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I love commercials like this one

Ya, you’re right. I am an old softy. Hand me the kleenex box. You have to watch the commercial closely, or watch several times, as the details go by quickly. The two parts you have to watch for are both near the end, although you need the whole story as well. Watch what shapes appear […]

Is This Ad Too Steamy?

According to an article in The Toronto Star this morning, this ad may be too steamy for TV. Car ads have long juxtaposed beautiful women with beautiful vehicles. Fiat’s latest spot for its Fiat 500 Abarth is just the latest example, relying on the old adage that “sex sells.” The steamy ad, dubbed “Seduction”, has […]

Where’s My Hearing Aid?

TV Commercials. Is it just me, or are they louder than the TV shows they play on? Canada’s CRTC has finally decided that they are. Officially, they might not be louder, but they use “audio processing techniques to make commercial messages seem louder than regular programming.” The modern remote helped, as you could quickly hit […]

Cool Ad

I started finding this commercial a bit boring after the first 20 seconds, but I am so glad I persevered. Watch it at least until the fun starts. You will know what I mean!

Lindsay Lohan Sues

Not far from Grandpa Richard’s home, an Oakville tot’s television alter-ego is at the centre of a $100 million (U.S.) lawsuit launched on Monday by troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, who has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. Lohan’s lawyer says the star has single-name recognition akin to Madonna or Oprah, and that the commercial, which […]