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To Swab or Not to Swab

That is the question. A woman has been murdered. Police believe that they have DNA evidence that could finger the murderer. They do not have a specific individual in mind as a suspect. What the police have proposed is to go to a group of men (including all the dead woman’s potential dates, as recorded […]

DNA’s Usefulness

DNA. Catches criminals, proves who’s your daddy, helps diagnose and cure diseases, AND proves what you are eating. DNA techniques are so easy and accessible that even high school science students can use them effectively. Two New York City high schoolers worked with scientists at the Rockefeller University and American Museum of Natural History in […]

Masquerading Food

Venison or Beef? Sturgeon caviar or Mississippi paddlefish eggs? Cheese made from goat’s milk or cow’s milk? Those are the types of questions asked by two grade 12 students from a school in Manhattan. They got their answers from a unique Canadian DNA technology that can quickly identify numerous mislabelled food products. Once you answer […]