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Men and Doctors

I do not know if it has ever been scientifically proven, but it seems that men go to their doctor much less consistently than women. Grandpa Richard is no exception. I am not sure, but I think my last complete physical was about 5 years ago. Considering that men over 50 should be doing that […]

Another slippery slope

Today’s poll in the Globe and Mail is, “Do you support the legalization of assisted suicide?”. You can see the results at this link. The problem with highly controversial topics like this is that they often lead to further thoughts and actions. Ones that stretch the moral fabric of society even further. This poll was […]

Doctor Shortage

It is very common in Canada for a community to be short on doctors, especially in rural areas. In Gander, Newfoundland, they came up with a unique way of deciding which residents would get appointments with several new doctors. A random draw. Losers will continue to travel to other communities, or sit and wait in […]