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Are You A Distracted Driver?

According to news reports (for example here) traffic accidents in some countries fell dramatically last week. Police suspect it is because Blackberry phones were not working, and thus there were less distracted drivers on the road. (mind you, some found other ways to be distracted, like this musician) Here in Ontario, police suspect that mobile […]

Don’t eat and drive

It is already a big no-no to drink and drive. (and by drink I mean something stronger than pop) According to the insurance industry, the principal actions that cause distracted driving and lead to vehicle crashes are: * Cell phone use * Reaching for a moving object inside the vehicle * Looking at an object […]

Don’t Look Back

“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service …” The above quote is from the Bible; Luke 9 verse 62. If you rarely see the inside of a church or the Bible you need to notice the truth in the above statement. Not as it pertains to […]

Cars are NOT Toys

Two items in the news this morning remind us about the fact that cars are not toys. Also, Newton’s Laws of Physics are important. Especially the one about momentum. In the first case, a lady learning to drive (without a learner’s permit) ran over her instructor (her sister-in-law) killing her. In the second case, a […]


Headline story in today’s Globe and Mail is that the price of gas seems to finally be having an impact on driver’s. Transit use is up noticeably and stories of how people are cutting back on the amount of driving that they do abound. And what, you ask, is Grandpa Richard doing about it? I […]