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Teach a Man to Fish

Here is a capitalist’s version of this famous bit of advice. You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or, you can teach him how to catch a fish and he’ll want a six pack, a new hat, a big boat, then a bigger boat, then a new truck to […]

DNA’s Usefulness

DNA. Catches criminals, proves who’s your daddy, helps diagnose and cure diseases, AND proves what you are eating. DNA techniques are so easy and accessible that even high school science students can use them effectively. Two New York City high schoolers worked with scientists at the Rockefeller University and American Museum of Natural History in […]

Spam on My Blogs

I have a number of blogs, with Grandpa Richard Speaks my favourite. Most of my blogs get comments. Unfortunately, 99% of the comments are spam. Some people spam me with jokes. Why do I consider jokes spam? The links they leave all point to sites that I would rather not share with my readers. I […]