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The Royal Bank Issue

See the story in the Star about the Royal Bank style outsourcing from an agency’s viewpoint. Don’t ask the government to do anything about this. They already use some of the same techniques. How can they point a finger at corporations when they are on the same path. I don’t know of any cases of […]

Government Logic and Red Tape

How is this for a formula. Take one immigrant Have them work in Canada full time (paying taxes and CPP) for 32 years Have them apply for and receive their Canadian Citizenship Have them apply for Old Age Security (max of just over $500 per month) Have the application denied And why was the application […]

Internet Competition

One of the first comments in the article in The Toronto Star about Internet Download Caps is … The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision has sparked outrage across the country with Canadians rushing to sign petitions asking the Conservative government to reverse it. Well of course it sparked outrage. Taxes spark outrage just […]

Government Agencies and Good News?

Well, look at that. The answer is YES sometimes. About 7 years ago, a woman came to collect a $12.5M prize from Super 7. It was a bit suspicious, though. She waited a long time before collecting. She could not remember where she bought the original ticket. She claimed that she had no relatives working […]

Executive Pay; AGAIN

The Ontario Government is asking all public servants in the province (I think I read that there are 700,000+ including government, health care, education, etc) to take a 2 year pay freeze. I personally see nothing wrong with that. Our employer is not doing well, financially. A private sector employer would use the same reasoning. […]

How Big Is The Canadian Public Service?

There are, generally speaking, three layers of government here in Canada. Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. How many employees do they all have? 3,650,000 That number by itself does not say anything. How many Canadians are in the labour force? 16,900,000 That means that just a bit more than 1 in every 5 Canadians (21.6%) is […]

Do Government Workers Work?

I have been working for a government department for almost 7 years. People I know regularly ask what it is really like. Let’s face it, we have all heard the stories about government workers. My friends trust me, as I have a well earned reputation for honesty, and other traditional moral values. I am a […]