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The 23 1/2 Hour Video

It is actually only 9 minutes long, not 23 1/2. However, it does ask a question about 23 1/2 hours of your day. I love walking. My favourite is to walk in some woods. Preferably on a path created without man-made stuff, like asphalt. There are some awesome trails in east Scarborough and Pickering (parts […]

Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

I came across a short book about health today. It is called Minimalist Health: How to Focus on the Essentials. It is a free e-book, well designed and an easy 20 page read. Just click on the link 2 sentences ago. I especially liked the final sentence of the book. Please read the book and […]

People Already Know About The Health Dangers

In a court case in Kentucky (in the United States) a judge ruled mainly in favour of new restrictions on advertising of tobacco products. The changes were in part based on the restrictions we have here in Canada, including bold and colourful graphics on cigarette packages that warn of the health dangers. In the case […]