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Only in the great U.S. of A.

A judge awards a car driver $10,000 because their Honda Civic Hybrid did not get the gas mileage claimed by the company. Honda responds by claiming that it is the EPA’s fault. Honda argued it couldn’t be convicted of fraud or misrepresentation because it was “stuck” with using the figure mandated by the U.S. Environmental […]

Dominoes and More

I really enjoy watching videos like this (featuring the band OK Go), where they set up a very intricate “machine”. I am not sure how to describe it, so just watch. Lots of fun. According to this page at Wikipedia, “The construction took over a month and a half during January and February 2010. The […]

Why is Auto Insurance so Expensive in Toronto?

When I leased a $17,000 Honda Civic in 2003, my insurance bill came to just over $2,000 for the year. My home address at the time was near Yorkdale Mall in the north of Toronto. I told the insurer that I would not be driving to work, as I lived a 5 minute walk from […]

Start, Stop, Go, go, go

A co-worker was bemoaning the need to get their brakes serviced, and that reminded me of the brake situation on my last car. I owned a Honda Civic and took it in for all the normal service. At one point (I think the 60,000 km checkup) the technician said he was very surprised at the […]

Hyundai vs. Toyota and Honda

“Hyundai has put Toyota and Honda in the crosshairs as it vows to become the world’s top maker of fuel-efficient vehicles.” A quote from a Globe and Mail online article. I have owned 4 vehicles. My first was a used Honda Civic 1300, with 5 speed manual transmission. Got over 50 miles to the gallon […]

Let It Shine

A cute Honda ad for one of their Hybrid vehicles, the Insight.