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If Only I Could Win The Lottery

Lotteries in Canada are probably the highest tax rate there is. The purchasers, on average, win less than 1/2 the money that they spend. More than 1/2 goes to expenses and government coffers. But almost everyone dreams of winning the big one, even Grandpa Richard. So, what is it like to win millions of dollars? […]

So Close!

Do you play lotteries? I rarely play them on my own, but I do join groups at work. In fact, I was elected to be group captain of a group of lotteries players. We pay $10 per person per month and play 3 a week. 6/49 on Wed and Sat, and Lotto Max on Fri. […]

Government Agencies and Good News?

Well, look at that. The answer is YES sometimes. About 7 years ago, a woman came to collect a $12.5M prize from Super 7. It was a bit suspicious, though. She waited a long time before collecting. She could not remember where she bought the original ticket. She claimed that she had no relatives working […]

Easy Come, Easy Go

How would you like to win $11 million and give it all away? Every penny of it? That is what Allen and Violet Large of Lower Truro, Nova Scotia, did after winning the money in a 6/49 draw. Family, the fire station, the Salvation Army, churches, cemeteries, the Red Cross, hospitals in Truro and Halifax, […]