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Fright Night

It is Halloween in 2 days, and I read a post on another site that inspired this post. This was inspired by prompt #3 in this post over at Mama Kat’s. Go check it out!! (I found Mama Kat’s via my daughter’s post) I think I was still pre-school age. I had seen some scary […]

One Of The Most Restrictive Insurance Plans

One of the most restrictive insurance plans here in Canada is the Employment Insurance plan run by our federal government. The plan covers maternity leave. A woman on maternity leave who was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer has been denied additional sickness benefits despite Ottawa’s pledge to ensure new mothers who become seriously ill […]

Goodbye Dad

All good things come to an end. My dad passed away 2 weeks ago. He was 84 and had been sick just a short time. The small memorial service we had for dad was a private affair, with family and just a small number of very close friends. We all agreed that my dad had […]