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Executive Pay; AGAIN

The Ontario Government is asking all public servants in the province (I think I read that there are 700,000+ including government, health care, education, etc) to take a 2 year pay freeze. I personally see nothing wrong with that. Our employer is not doing well, financially. A private sector employer would use the same reasoning. […]

Do you love your job?

A Globe and Mail article says the top 5 reasons that people leave for other opportunities (jobs) are: 1. Lack of trust in senior leaders 2. Insufficient pay 3. Unhealthy/undesirable culture 4. Lack of honesty/integrity/ethics 5. Lack of opportunity for training and development Managers perceive a different list. Read the entire article (and some interesting […]

CEO Pay – Again

Ray Irani, CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corp, took home $460 million in total compensation last year. That’s in US $. I estimate that it would take over 6,000 average workers to equal that pay amount. It was probably due to bonuses to a large degree, as most oil companies did very well last year. The […]