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Pizza and Vampires

New TV ad. LOL!!! Father is talking to daughter about her vampire boyfriend. She says he is not a vampire, he is just Goth. Father then presents some fresh pizza. Not from a pizza place, but Delissio. Daughter says, wow, definitely garlic bread, hey dad. Yup. Door bell rings and daughter offers boyfriend some pizza. […]

It Was The Pizza Delivery Guy

Seen the ad for Delissio pizza where the delivery guy gets invited in by the grateful lady he is delivering to? Turns out that he is her husband. I laughed the first time I saw it. The son walks in on them as they eat and she pretends to be seducing him. His comment? “You’re […]

Is Organic Better?

An awesome quote I just read. Remember however that eating non-organic fruits and vegetables is still better than drinking organic beer or eating organic pizza!