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GPS: On The Other Hand!

You read a bad GPS story. Now let’s read a good GPS story. In my previous post you read how a GPS led to a lost couple in the Nevada wilderness. Now comes another GPS story about a car thief. Seems that 29-year-old Joshua stole a truck the other day. Unfortunately for him, the owner’s […]

Why Does a Bank CEO Make More Than a Life Saving Doctor?

A lot more! At the same time, why do entertainers, notably actors and actresses, make so much, and we nickel and dime police, firefighters, and nurses? Well, at least a poorly performing actor will often get a pay cut. CEOs in Canada and the United States often keep getting bonuses no matter what their decisions […]

Elementary Teacher’s Pay

The elementary teachers in Ontario have seemingly rejected the nice 12% (over 4 years) deal that they were offered. That offer has been withdrawn and the education minister is now offering 4% over 2 years. Wow! On their behalf, the teacher’s union says it was not about wages, but about funding, and other non-wage issues. […]

Where is Bruce when we need him?

Have you seen the Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis, where he ends up chasing the bad guys into Canada and shoots at a hydro line, which then falls and helps destroy a helicopter? Awesome marksman, eh? After an unfortunate incident in which an individual died after being tasered, a family member of the victim […]

Another Taser Death

A 36 year-old man died in custody in Simcoe, Ontario, after he was tasered by police following a confrontation. On Monday morning, Provincial police responded to a report of an “unwanted male” causing a disturbance in an area just east of Turkey Point. The man was “combative” and was tasered. He was taken into custody […]