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What To Get Them For Their Birthday

Now that I am in a relationship again, back comes one of the perennial questions – what do i get her for her birthday? When I was younger (much younger) I could get a new small appliance, or something else meant to save the love of my life time or energy and she loved it. […]

Love Gone Bad

Interesting that our love for another human can turn to hate when the other person breaks off any relationship. Read this item about a man who chemically contaminated a co-workers workspace after their affair ended. What do you think about that? Leave a comment. gr

do you believe in love at first site

A relevant question for a very much single Grandpa Richard, today’s relationship section in the Globe and Mail asks the above question. Take the survey at this page. The survey will only take you a minute. 7 actual topic questions and 3 questions about you. To give you a sample of the responses, 31% of […]

Do you lie to your partner?

A new relationship survey in the Globe and Mail. Only 8 questions, plus 2 more to give stats on location and gender. Will just take you one minute. The results of this survey did not surprise me. Over 1/2 of us lie to our spouses, although the majority are little white lies, designed to either […]