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How Much Do Aboriginal Leaders Earn?

I believe that in any society it is important to have financial transparency at the leadership level. That includes inside Canadian Aboriginal societies. The people of any and every society have a right to know how the money is being spent. The Canadian government has proposed a new law to force this. They say it […]

Executive Pay; AGAIN

The Ontario Government is asking all public servants in the province (I think I read that there are 700,000+ including government, health care, education, etc) to take a 2 year pay freeze. I personally see nothing wrong with that. Our employer is not doing well, financially. A private sector employer would use the same reasoning. […]

Elementary Teacher’s Pay

The elementary teachers in Ontario have seemingly rejected the nice 12% (over 4 years) deal that they were offered. That offer has been withdrawn and the education minister is now offering 4% over 2 years. Wow! On their behalf, the teacher’s union says it was not about wages, but about funding, and other non-wage issues. […]