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Spam on My Blogs

I have a number of blogs, with Grandpa Richard Speaks my favourite. Most of my blogs get comments. Unfortunately, 99% of the comments are spam. Some people spam me with jokes. Why do I consider jokes spam? The links they leave all point to sites that I would rather not share with my readers. I […]

Email Spam

The Canadian Government is attempting to pass a new law (Bill C-27) in regard to email spam. Industry groups are, of course, trying to water it down. Even to the point of it being close to useless. For example. The proposed bill has a section about “implied consent”. What this means is that if you […]


“In a landmark ruling Monday, U.S. federal Judge Jeremy Fogel awarded Facebook $873-million (U.S.) in damages after finding Mr. Guerbuez was in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) which prohibits the distribution of mass e-mail messages that contain false or misleading information.” as quoted from the Globe and […]

Idiot Spammers

Why do they bother? I just deleted 38 spam comments. Nothing but ads for their websites. No actual comments. Why do they bother? I know why. They are using automated software, and even if only 1 blog out of 100’s is non-moderated, then their junk appears to the world (and the search engines) for maybe […]

Spam King Wins on Appeal

A former spam king in the U.S. has won an appeal of his conviction. The court agreed with Jeremy Jaynes’ claim that the anti-spam law violates free speech protections under the First Amendment. Although I have not read the actual ruling, that makes me shake my head in disbelief. Sure, maybe the sentence (9 years […]