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Where is Bruce when we need him?

Have you seen the Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis, where he ends up chasing the bad guys into Canada and shoots at a hydro line, which then falls and helps destroy a helicopter? Awesome marksman, eh? After an unfortunate incident in which an individual died after being tasered, a family member of the victim […]

Another Taser Death

A 36 year-old man died in custody in Simcoe, Ontario, after he was tasered by police following a confrontation. On Monday morning, Provincial police responded to a report of an “unwanted male” causing a disturbance in an area just east of Turkey Point. The man was “combative” and was tasered. He was taken into custody […]

The Wild West – Electronically

Here is a modern day twist on the famous wild west shootout. Use tasers instead of pistols! Police in Boulder Colorado say a security company supervisor and a restaurateur shot each other with tasers in a “bonehead” confrontation over parking. The two men were arguing over a metal boot that one of the security company’s […]

Taser Used on Fare Jumpers

Vancouver transit police have been using tasers on some passengers who do not pay their fares. Some liberal types (I call them bleeding hearted liberals) find this very offensive. Key point – only those that resist officer’s requests to leave or subject themselves to receipt of a ticket are potentially subject to this process. I […]