The Dalton 5

The interesting (and somewhat sad) fact about the following news bite is that Grandpa Richard is directly affected by it’s subject.

Yep. I am in the Dalton 5. Our premier’s 5% cut to job positions. I know it was nothing personal. Let’s face it, the economy is not super healthy. The question that this “not quite ready for retirement” grandpa asks is, “Who is going to do the work?”

The government is still making policy changes. Perhaps just as many as when the economy was better. We are still trying to lower the number of fatalities on our roads. Each of those policy changes usually results in 1,000s of hours of changes to our Road User Safety computer systems. If they layoff a bunch of business analysts and programmers and testers, how will we get those systems ready in time?

I just hope it is not by turning around and bringing in more consultants.

Second wave of OPS layoffs undercutting front-line services: OPSEU
17, 2011 /CNW/ – Today, the Ontario government will issue another 231 layoff notices as the province continues to eliminate positions across government services. These layoffs will further erode support to front-line services and increase workloads and …

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