The Occupy Movement

For me there are two many variables in the issues at stake in the “Occupy” movements around the world.

One thing I can say is that I feel the leaders in the Wall Street companies that were involved in the financial crisis several years ago got off way too easy. Their greed (and the U.S. government’s inaction) led to a world wide mess, and most of the senior management at those firms are still out there making their millions while many of us lost.

The other point I agree with is that my generation lived like there was no tomorrow, and that is having a very negative result for our children and grandchildren. I personally disagreed with many of the financial decisions made by my government over the years, but I too live with the consequences. The National Post had a good article about this point.

I believe in capitalism, but not a greedy style of capitalism where you start to bend (or make!) the rules. I also believe that governments often think too short term, as in preparing to win the next election based on policies that do not properly plan for the future.

I will say no more for now, but refer you to one article in The Toronto Star.