Think Only Animals Foul Their Own Water?

Ever notice how some animals will urinate and defecate in the same water that they end up drinking? And you, seeing this, just shake your head at their seeming stupidity.

Well, they are not the only ones. Humans do the same thing. Just not so obviously.

We take what we want from our environment, even when it means polluting what is left.

A new, and potentially terrifying, version of this fact is now occurring in South Africa. Over 100 years of gold mining has left literally thousands of abandoned shafts all over the country. These mine shafts have been filling with water for decades, and the water is leaching out dangerous compounds from the rock walls of the mines. This in turn is affecting the ground water that supports both wildlife and humans.

The resulting water is also acidic, and in some cases is expected (within 15 years) to come into contact with buildings in lower lying areas. The acid has the potential to weaken the foundations of the buildings, and some could collapse.

Read more here and here.

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