To Veil or not to veil

The Canadian government’s rules on obtaining citizenship have been changed, effective immediately. A new citizen must show their face to the citizenship judge when they take their oath to ensure they “are actually reciting the oath,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced earlier this week.

Is the Niqab an actual necessity under the beliefs of the faiths involved? Or is it a cultural matter separate from religion?

Walkom: What’s right about Jason Kenney’s very wrong no-veil rule
By Thomas Walkom National Affairs Columnist Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s decision to withhold Canadian citizenship from veiled Muslim women is ham-handed and, at one level, absurd. It is a remedy to a problem that does not exist, …

Grandpa Richard agrees with the new rule. I disagree with some of Mr. Walkom’s comments, although he is also commenting on other issues which I do agree with.

Our society uses the face as a major way of identifying a person. The most common facial coverings in my mind are the masks of criminals. Imagine a trial that asks a witness to identify someone involved in a case. That is almost impossible without seeing the face.

Hate it if you want, but don’t ban the niqab
Given that constitutional liberalism is the bedrock of Canadian values, what are we to make of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s diktat concerning women wearing the niqab at citizenship ceremonies? Mr. Kenney is cynically exploiting …

Here is a comment I heard at work today, where, I might add, traditional white Europeans are not the majority. Much of the multi-cultural “stuff” dictated by the government is not really being requested by the new immigrants involved. They WANT to become Canadians, not culture XYZ living in Canada.

Your comments?