Too Much Plastic in Toronto

The city of Toronto is considering tough action to curb waste generated by overly packaged consumer products. The choices range from an outright ban on materials used in food takeout, to a tax on retail plastic bags, to a city-run deposit-return program, and many other possibilities in-between. Industry is, of course, opposed to new regulations, and wants to rely on voluntary measures.

I give you one very simple example from personal experience.

I recently bought a new compact flash memory card for my Canon digital SLR camera. It came in a hard plastic “container” which was much larger than necessary. I have yet to understand how to open those things, without resorting to the strongest scissors in my home. I am assuming that this hard plastic sits in a landfill for centuries. What a waste.

I personally think that we need some measure(s) that will “encourage” industry to speed up their move away from this type of overly packaged system.

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