Urban Legends, Scams, and More …

all courtesy of global email systems.

Whether it’s someone trying to help a very sick child, or a Nigerian trying to scam someone, the gullible are available in a never ending stream.

According to statistics, more people fall for the scams every year! That floors me. Stories about this are in the papers regularly, and yet more and more people fall victim.

As to the Urban Legends, even some friends who are very experienced techies fall victim. Whenever I get one of these emails from a friend, I immediately look up the subject on Google. 99% of the time, it is phoney. The best ones are the heart wrenching ones. Some kid dying of cancer wants to be in Guiness Book of Records, etc, etc. Another regular one is about how inbound callers can swipe your long distance line.

Bookmark the Snopes Site and check this one out as well – Scam Busters Site.