War on Drugs

Is the war on drugs working? Is the war worth it? What would happen, if, like booze, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, many drugs were government regulated. Would crimes associated with drugs go down, the cost of fighting those crimes go down, prices go down, and government revenue go up?

A piece in today’s Globe and Mail (The rising trend against the war on drugs) asks some of those questions.

How many street gangs would be out of work? Yes, there would still be peddling of prostitution, and some other crimes, but drug peddling is so simple compared to them, and probably a mainstay of many of the gangs.

It seems like a natural progression to me.

Governments have regulated the sale of tobacco and alcohol for years. Then, another no-no, lotteries, was brought into the fold. It used to be illegal. Then governments saw the tax implications and made it a new business model. It seems logical that “weed” is next.

What do you think?

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