Warplane Graveyard

warplane graveyardThe things that you can see in Google Maps!

Where do warplanes go when their useful life has ended? To a warplane graveyard, of course.

The main one is near Tucson, Arizona. The low humidity in the air there helps delay rusting and other natural processes that will eventually destroy man-made items left outside. The planes are used mainly for spare parts, although some planes are deemed worthy enough to be put back in flying condition for non-military uses.

If you would like to explore the graveyard yourself, go to Google Maps and search for “Davis-Monthan Air Force Base”. The graveyard is just to the west (left!) of the Air Force Base.

If that does not work, use the search “e marigold, tucson, arizona” and the graveyard is directly south of (below!) that street.

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