Was she upset?

A B.C. woman received the bill for her divorce. She was not happy about it and took her lawyer to court.

The legal bill for the initial lawsuit and appeal included $833,400 for legal fees and $185,061 for taxes and disbursements such as preparing transcripts and documents for submission to court. That is just a tad over $1 million.

  • senior lawyer 904 hours
  • junior lawyer 1,464 hours
  • research lawyers 210 hours
  • miscellaneous (land-value appraiser, an accountant, a senior family law lawyer, a former Court of Appeal judge who was hired to review submissions for the appeal) unknown hours

Probably well in excess of 3,000 hours to argue about how to split the assets of a 42 year marriage. And that is just the woman’s lawyer!

And what was her share of the estate worth? $5.7 million. Her ex-husband was awarded $3.2 million.

I should also mention that part of the problem was that she was unhappy about the initial court decision and appealed, thus driving up costs. The appeal did not change the award by much.

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