Had to mail a small package out so I walked down to the Shoppers nearby. As I was walking to the post office section (always at the back so they can attempt to entice you to buy other stuff) my peripheral vision saw a good deal on a high end juice product. At least the company that makes the juice has succeeded in marketing their product as a high end product. I must admit that I have not attempted to verify that it is in fact better than my perennial favourite, Five Alive Citrus (or the Mango Citrus).

I caved to the temptation and bought one container of the berry/pomegranate flavour. A treat to celebrate 12-12-12 with.


Oh, right. Why did I title this post “Water”?

As I paid for the juice, I reminded myself that I believe in the concept of “eating my fruit, not drinking it”, which I first saw penned by Tony Robbins.

Meh! I allow myself to backslide now and then.


p.s. 12-12-12? That’s tomorrow. The 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of the century.

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