What Happened to the Reform Party of Canada?

What Happened to the Reform Party of Canada? Did they get lost? Did they get kidnapped?

Didn’t the Reform party promise to bring a refreshing new look to Ottawa? Honesty, openness, morality?

What happened when they morphed (or whatever they did) and now we have the Conservative Party?

No wonder so many people say it is a waste to vote.

Ottawa Parliament Building HDRHere is the latest from the likes of Senator Mike Duffy. Mike was a reporter. I thought that reporters were bred to dig out the truth. What happened to him when Harper hired him?

I look at what is happening here in Canada, and south of us in the great U.S. of A. Maybe in Great Britain as well. Not sure.

Is a democracy in which the politicians truly care about the people slipping away from us? Of interest mainly to the well heeled who can afford PR people to grease the political gears. I would hate to see Canada need its own version of the Arab Spring.

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  1. So one just votes for the other corporate party. Yeah about pot, is it the new 21st century national childcare program? Remember that? I find Mulcair quite forceful and saw him standing up to Harper on the senate scandal.
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  2. I realize the Progressive Conservative Party was almost wiped out in the 1993 elections. What happened to them afterwords. Do they have any seats left, or was whatever left merged into the Conservatives? On the other hand, how many seats does the Reform Party have? What led the way for the Conservative Party to form? I have a lot of questions, because have not been following Canadian politics more recently. Next, evaluations of Jean Chretien’s and Paul Martin’s tenure as prime minister would be appreciated. Finally, since Stephen Harper has only recently come to office, it probably is too early to evaluate his time in office. I would be curious though about how he rose in politics, and back to the original question how was he involved in the establishment of a new political party, one that so quickly elected a prime minister. Eh?, how did the change occur? I remember, eh, when used to be Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, the Reform Party, and eh, some fringe parties.
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  3. Dee W. Mckay says:

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is poised to betray the Conservative party’s western populist roots by opposing a B.C. NDP MP’s initiative to bring electronic petitions to the House of Commons, critics charged Thursday.
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