What Is On Your Most Wished For List At Amazon?

Radioactive Uranium

Radioactive Sign

I was poking around at amazon.com today and came across the “Most Wished For List“. There are 33 categories, from automotive to electronics to watches and more.

One of the categories is Industrial.

Come again!

People have a most wished for list in the Industrial Category?

Okay. So what is on the list?

When I looked (Sunday at noon) the #1 wished for item in the Industrial Category was Uranium Ore !!! ( <--- make sure you click that link to Amazon) Uranium Ore? p.s. make sure you read the reviews, as some of them are hilarious

One Comment

  1. Annette McCall says:

    Richard, that is soooo funny, loved the Limerick and all the interesting ways people use this stuff, I work with some people that are going to love reading this stuff.

    Thanks for the laughs


    p.s. you need to get a life of some kind; spending your time at
    Amazon.com can’t be a really good thing. Take care.

    [GR responds: Get a life!!! I have an awesome life finding this stuff and helping people laugh. LOL!!!]