What Keeps A Grandpa Happy?

I can tell you one thing that has me beaming today.

The TTC has implemented their Trip Planner !!!

Doesn’t that make you excited? What? It doesn’t?!

You spoiled brats that have never had to take 2 or more buses to get from A to B !!!

Grandpa Richard is a serious Public Transit kind of guy. Trying to figure out how long it will take to get, for example, from Keele and Wilson to Leslie and Lawrence was a real PITA. (that is a Pain In The A..)

Now that the Toronto Transit Commission has a web based trip planner (like so many other cities have had for years) it is easy. Enter your start point, your end point, your arrival or departure time, and – PRESTO – the computer tells you what buses to take, where to transfer, and you are as good as there!

Thank you TTC.

(now if we can just get all the drivers to respond in kind when I greet them with a cheery “Hello” – oh, and how about one of those phone systems so you can check for next bus time at any stop? I hear that is coming as well)