What To Get Them For Their Birthday

Now that I am in a relationship again, back comes one of the perennial questions – what do i get her for her birthday? When I was younger (much younger) I could get a new small appliance, or something else meant to save the love of my life time or energy and she loved it. What if they have lots of these already?

Plus, with a new relationship I do not yet have the history, and besides, most guys are so slow at figuring this stuff out.

Fortunately, she has adult daughters and I can ask them for tips, ideas.

The lady in this movie came up with a unique idea. You may not laugh the way I did, but it’s only just over a minute long so give it a look.

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  1. Steph says:


    And I can’t believe you ever got away with small appliances as a birthday gift. I can see as a Christmas gift but a birthday gift?!?!?!

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