Why do they do it – Part 1

I’m starting a new series of posts that asks the question, “Why do they do it?”

Is modern life better? Are people crazy?

What follows is my first topic. (don’t forget – I’m a grandpa and not very politically correct, etc.)

Why do so many women get boob jobs? Are they that full of low self esteem that a few extra kilos on the front will pick them up? Do they realize that some (many?) men actually prefer small to medium? Have they considered the long term effects of gravity on a pair of D’s? How do they like being remembered after a party? For their smile or their cleavage?

I for one find it very distracting when a gal with a pair of D’s, and a low cut outfit, walks into the room. Not only that, they put this glitter stuff in there so your eyes cannot help but look down to see what all the sparkles are about. Instead of going under the knife, why not just wear an outfit that takes advantage of what you’ve got, and learn how to smile and be a good conversationalist.

Trust me, a man cannot resist a great smile that comes with a gal that can talk about a variety of topics. Add to that the ability to laugh at the appropriate times and you can have them all lining up to serve you.

(note: if you’ve had 6 kids and things are a bit droopy, then go ahead and consider a little tightening, but leave out the saline)


  1. a concerned mother and soon to be boob job recipient says:

    I see no problem with it what so ever i had a baby and lost my boobies now i want them back i do not lack self esteem just perky boobs and i will not go to D’s just larger B’s I want to feel sexy again naked and that is that and why are you complaining anyhow what if you fell in love with someone with a boob job hmmmmm?!?!?! would ya not stay with her cause of it???? I think not some woman just need the help and besides its one thing if they just drooped after birth but to lose a whole size all together sucks bum! and that is all i am going to say……….see ya at the augmentation hahahahah

    [GR replies: well, it seems like many women go up a full size or 2, not just a little]

  2. Jess says:

    I agree with Richard… I have one more thing to add though… Bigger goodies ie. Ds garner the wrong type of attention… it’s usually attention you wouldn’t want drawn to you if you know what i mean… unless you’re britney spears hahah. However, if it’s proportional to your body then it’s nice

  3. Joey Jo Jo says:

    Remember how things have changed over the last generation. In the 80s men were told not to think of women as “sexual objects” and we were a bunch of sexist troglodytes (to put it mildly). Blah, blah, blah. Remember that? Then in the 90s men got all sensitive and mushy and did not exactly get women excited. I believe this was the lowest point in the history of masculinity but that’s another topic. Well it seems the next generation of women said “hey I’m hot stuff how come I ain’t getting any attention”? So now we have an oversexed Ginger generation. But there’s still a lot of nice Mary Annes out there.