Will Canadians Work?

I have mixed feelings about unions.

I believe that many workers in Canada need some basic protections that unions provide against employers who want to take advantage of workers. I believe our governments never picked up the ball on some issues, and so unions took up the slack. Good.

On the other hand, I think some big unions go too far, holding companies hostage unfairly.

The following story definitely needs union activity. It seems to this grandpa that the government is in bed with the company involved, so they are not going to be helping the little guy much.

I think what started this is that HD Mining claimed they could not get Canadian workers for one of their mines in B.C. They applied for, and received, permission to bring in several hundred foreign workers. Unions opposed this, and on Dec. 7, a federal court judge ordered HD Mining and the federal Human and Resources and Skills Development ministry to provide two B.C. unions with documentation on how the permits were requested and approved.

The mining company refused, and said they have no obligation to obey the judge. WHAT? Read that again. It’s not that they appealed the judge’s decision. They out and out refused to follow the order! The government then said that they had no legal ability to force the company.


Who is in whose bed on this one?

The newspaper article I read (at the Toronto Star) says that 300 Canadians applied for work at the mine, and none were hired.

Unfortunately, we all know that sometimes the papers and the unions get stuff wrong as well (although I generally feel good about The Star) so were there actually 300 able bodied, willing, and viable Canadians ready for those jobs? We do tend to have issues with Canadians being willing to move to the middle of nowhere for jobs. They want to stay close to their traditional homes.

What is your angle on this? Do you live near said mine and know people who want to work there? Please comment.