I saw Avatar in 3D. That was the first time I had seen a 3D movie, and I was impressed. The scene just after the 2 stars met, and those little flower like things were floating down … wow!

Yesterday (Saturday) was so hot and humid that I just had to get out of the apartment, so I went to the local mall. As I walked around, I came across a Sony store. Ah … Toys!! Let’s see what they have on display.

I came across this 3D camcorder, which was on and connected to a 3D TV.

It was very cool. I put on the supplied 3D glasses and did some simple movements. The one that showed me how neat 3D TV can be was when I stood directly in front of the camcorder and moved my hand toward it. It really did look as if my hand was coming out of the TV!

The only unfortunate thing is that you need to purchase a special TV. According to a sales rep in the store, the smallest (and cheapest) was a 40″ model that is priced at about $2K. The glasses are listed at $65 on Amazon.

Like anything electronic, this technology will come down in price.

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