A Trip to the Farmer’s Market

I walked to the local Farmer’s Market this morning, and here is what I learned.

(1) Fresh is Better

I rarely buy peaches from grocery stores. They just do not seem to be very good. This morning a lady convinced me to buy peaches from her because they were fresh, having been picked the previous evening. They were great.

How often do you put off doing things right away? Try dealing with a situation while it is still fresh. Trust me, it’s better.

(2) Get Off the Beaten Path

Some of the stalls were almost out-of-site around the back. I ended up going back there by accident and found some great friendly people selling good stuff at competitive prices.

If you always take the super-highways of life you’ll miss out on so much.

(3) Be a Bit Crazy Now and Then

On my way home it was raining; gently. Rather than zipping up my jacket and hurrying, I enjoyed my walk in rain. Like they say, it’s only water, and I have towels and fresh clothes at home.

By walking slowly and enjoying the feeling of the rain on my face, I had ample opportunity to watch my life slow down so I could truly enjoy God’s creation.

(4) One Last Point

Are you caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern life? Is life jerking you around such that you are always in a rush? Slow down and spend time at places like farmer’s markets and take in the sights, and sounds, and the variety that exists in human kind.

Have fun and get rid of the stress.