Alpha Men

The opening salvo in an article in the Globe and Mail today bluntly says what I suggested yesterday – some men think with the wrong part of their body.

Take a man – we’ll call him Adam Giambrone – with a blossoming political career and a steady partner who looks A-1 in her pearls on the stage beside him, both of which he risks for a dalliance with another woman.

Up pops the question: Why are men so stupid?

It’s a complex answer, although the phenomenon is as familiar to psychologists and sociologists as each morning’s sunrise. It’s not biology, they say. It’s brain wiring.

Mr. Valpy’s comments continue, complete with snippets of interviews with some of those psychologists and sociologists.

As to the damage to Mr. Giambrone’s career; the jury is still out. Some of the interviewed experts think his main constituents will stand behind him, and other experts think he will lose some of the younger crowd, especially the females.

Meanwhile, over at The Toronto Star we have this juicy quote.

In a voice shaking with emotion, mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone Tuesday night admitted he had “intimate relations” with other women throughout most of last year.

“Other women” ???

Grandpa Richard definitely thinks that Adam needs to back up, back out, and spend some more time in the trenches to rebuild his shattering political career. Sounds like he might have a disease similar to Tiger Woods and many other men. The article in the Globe explains all that.

Read the whole columns by clicking here for the one at the Globe and here for the one at the Star, and then come back and leave a comment here.

Going forward, just remember what the Globe says. They are not bad men, their, um, (body part inserted here) made them do it.


  1. VS says:

    Let me start off by saying “I don’t like Adam Giambroni”

    Richard, how can you compare Adam with Tiger….there is no comparison. Adam isn’t married, Tiger is married with children.

    What is a partner? Why don’t they refer to her as his girlfriend or fiancee? I don’t know but if I was living with someone I would make damn sure I wasn’t referred to as a partner!!!

    And another thing….girl who went to the media should take a look at herself in the mirror. What is she doing sleeping around with Adam or with any guy for that matter? Why doesn’t her character come into question here? Sounds to me like she has the morals of an alley cat.

    I honestly think this is a non issue. What happens in Adams bedroom has nothing to do with his ability to run the City of Toronto.

  2. Dominic says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Anything can be made to be as complex as we want it to be.

    Any single act can be distilled down to “nature, nurture and circumstances.”

    Men tend to behave the way they do because their brains are wired that way. It is in their nature (to varying degress). It’s that simple.

    Of course, not everyone behaves in the same way because of the other factors (nurture and circumstances).

  3. Panic Attack says:

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