Another iPod Wearer Dies

Perhaps he would not have heard anything regardless, but another iPod listener has died following an accident. In this case, the victim was listening to an iPod as he was jogging along a beach. A small plane made an emergency landing, hitting and killing the jogger in the process.

As the plane’s engine had died, there was probably very little noise being made, and so the jogger may not have heard anything even if not wearing the iPod. That said, authorities warn people to be extra cautious while listening to an iPod, or similar device that uses ear plugs.

Personally, if listening to my iPod while outside, I only have one earplug in. I also keep the volume at a reasonable level, so that I can still hear things going on around me, as well as saving my ears and not annoying people in my vicinity.

Details on this story here.



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  1. Joann Rippy says:

    Could I ask if you happen to be from Down under? You actually seem like an Aussie 🙂

    (GR replies: Nope. Canadian)

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